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Spent a big part of the last two weeks with Sac in my old Double Bull (one of the first Matrix 360's from 10+ years ago) ground blind.....
Saw a few whitetails but was really hoping to get a shot at a mule deer.....season is really short (ended today 12/10 in fact)....
We had tons of snow Wed-Fri and some REALLY cold temps. It got down into the single digits for a few hours Friday morning.

By Friday evening the temps had gotten into the 40s and I think it may have even gotten into the 50 on Saturday, so things were WAY warmer in the blind Sat and Sun and the snow had melted in most places...

So, this morning was my last hunt for a while and I figured I would take pretty much whatever came in....the cold weather has the bucks jousting around and sniffing does so I was hoping something would come through...

About 8:30, this big bodied 8 pt white tail came in.....really close, got a quartering away shot at 12 yards from my blind.....shot was a little back of where I was looking, but I watched him go down in less than 50 yards. When I was cleaning him up, I had managed to get both lungs. He broke my arrow as it went thru.

Got him back to camp and iced down and headed back to my blind to put in at least a few more hours before calling it a day and get loaded up.

Was eating my sandwich when a small mule deer buck walked out of the brush....right behind him was a bigger older buck stomping and "herding" the smaller deer....I guess the younger buck was trying to move in on the older one's does...they marched right in front of my blind and I got a good shot on the bigger buck at 15 yards....He went a little farther than the earlier deer, but I was able to find him about 100 yards from my blind. I couldn't find my arrow in the tall grass.....but the Ace Broadhead did it's job!!

So it took some patience and LOTS of sitting (and UNBELIEVABLE amounts of luck!!), but the mojo on Sac finally paid off!! I really grew to love this little bow and it feels great to sit in a blind and actually hunt again after so many years recuperating.....

Just got a new phone...sorry for poor quality of pics....hopefully they turned out where they can at least be seen.

I will be contacting the next guy on the list and will try to get it sent out soon....

I hope to get to hunt some more this year!!! Nice to be "back in the saddle again"!!

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