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Default 2017 Pushmataha County Thread

Cold and wet is no way to go through life, unless itís the rut?

Anyone seeing anything? I had no time this year to do anything and didnít think I was gonna get to hunt at all, but then my wife told me to get after it for five days, so here I am, freezing my butt off on public land hoping I catch a giant slipping up looking for love. Set up on a post oak flat thatís south of a dry creek bottom. From what I figured out last year most deer bed around thick cedar patches for cover in that creek bottom then travel this oak flat, I donít know where they go, since thereís a large field behind me with grass as tall as I am, but my thoughts are with this north wind bucks should cruise this flat scent checking those bedding areas. Saw a four point and a busted up tall and wide 8 yesterday and had a yearling fawn walk by this morning. Weíll see what the day holds. If I donít have much action by noonish Iím moving my stand a hundred yards or so, or I may go get on a north facing ridge and hunt there. Decisions, decisions.
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