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Thanks for the positive feedback from everyone!

Originally Posted by quarterback View Post
Do not fast forward to the shot in this video. The music alone is worth watching the whole thing. Great shot, great video footage and awesome blind. Your videos just keep getting better and better. That Grim Reaper tore him up good. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to more of your hunting videos.
Thanks quarterback!

Originally Posted by bowsticker View Post
That was awesome! Great video and music
Thanks buddy!

Originally Posted by Oz_Ag View Post
Great video! Love that pit blind.
I guess that buck made you pay getting him out of that cactus! I bet it wasn't fun cleaning him.
You're right! That buck made me work that evening!

Originally Posted by BlackHogDown View Post
Looks great. Thanks for the second link! Would've been missing out otherwise... Great video!
Yeah BlackHogDown! Second link was for you my friend! Lol
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