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Default Browning B80 Issue

Hey guys. Shot in the dark. Google has found nothing.

My dad has a B80 he's had since new. About 5 years ago it had an issue where it wouldn't fire. As in turn off safety, and can't pull trigger. Like something's hung up. I've had it apart and together countless times could not figure it out. If you knock on the receiver some it will occasionally go back to shooting. He took it to an older guy in Waco and he replaced a part in it and fixed it.

Well yesterday it started happening again. He took it back to the same guy but he got put out of business by our dear former president.

I've found zero on the web about it. And don't know any thing about other gun Smith's in Waco reputation.

Any of you guys possibly have an idea? Or could point me to someone who can help?

We both absolutely love the gun. Hence why I shoot a Beretta 390.. and hope to keep it running so I can shoot it one day. But both of us don't ever plan on shooting anything else as long as they go bang.

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