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Originally Posted by TxDispatcher View Post
I read the title aloud to my wife. She asked me to not start a list, she didn't want TBH to crash

I really do have a small problem. I can't seem to throw anything that has any value away. I may need it someday. It doesn't matter that I haven't needed it in 10 of these days I MAY need it
I'm finally getting over this exact issue but still wrestle with it.

What's bad is my Grandfather passed away probably about a decade ago and he was the same way. When they cleaned out his house he had arbitrary junk everywhere and they were going to throw it out.............I said I'd take it because you never know when you'll need 5 pieces of electrical cords from lights or radios that quit working. Or casters off of 3-4 different office chairs or a bucket of used nails that could be straightened (actually used some of those 2 weeks ago), or pieces of a flag pole, or parts from old faucets and toilets. You get the point

Shockvalue would tell you I hoard timers off of feeders
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