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Originally Posted by Dudley View Post
Also depends on how you want to hunt and what your expectations are. If you want to sit in a box blind and see 30 deer come to a feeder every day - go west. If you want to sit in a pop up blind or a tree stand and watch trails or some hand corn in hopes of catching the right deer, east texas is a good place to do it.
Perhaps not to this exact extreme, but I agree with the above. I used to lease some river bottom property not too far out of Houston as well as, I've hunted a few a East TX properties as a guest. The bottom line, you typically just don't see many deer hunting these properties. Don't get me wrong, the deer are there. Often you will get tons on camera, just not many in a sit. I don't know if it's because there is so much more cover or if these places are just pressured more, or a combination. Feeders also aren't nearly as effective. Get ready to be more versatile; i.e. get away from the feeder, hand corn trails, etc. Ladder stands, lock-ons and pop-ups are the way to go.

Not saying you won't have a reasonable amount of success in East TX. However, you will no question have more dry hunts and will need to be ready to rethink your strategy.

Obviously, this is in general. Regardless of region, some areas just have more deer than others. More deer = more opportunities
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