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Steven Leggett

The MMR stands for "Morris Middleton Ranchette". It is a bit of a joke because Casey Morris does not have any ownership rights to the property. Devin, Casey, Art director Larry, Michael; Rudey and I made an annual pilgramage out there (just outside Cotulla) and called it the "Charity Hunt" becasue outside of Michael, none of us had leases.

There are many traditions associated with the MMR including "the BIG Oak, Devin's Tree, the point, Assman Alley, Legdog's barn. etc."

Lot's of TBH'ers have stopped there to visit including Bones, jpbruni, the Bones, Leo Martinez, Ben Stovall, Junebug, Arrowpilot, Deathwisper, and probably more I have not mentioned.

The legend grew because we always had wild times there.

Charity 1
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Charity 2
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Charity 3
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Charity 4
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Charity 5
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Charity 6
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Charity 7

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