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[QUOTE=DapperDan;12814496]So Iím drawing 70 lbs and 27Ē draw on a Mathews no cam htx. I recently had my DL shortened from 27.5Ē. I had my arrows cut down and added 75 grain inserts. I was at 430 grain and 280 fps and now Iím at 476 grain and 250 fps. Shooting Easton axis 340 5mm.

I didnít realize how drastic the drop was going to be out to 40 and 50 yards. Iím sure I have a TON of momentum and KE now but did I over do it? Is there a set up that would give me adequate momentum and KE and put me closer to 285-290 fps? Totally getting discouraged here on loss of fps and sloooooooow arrow at longer range.

Dont sweat it, I shot a 27" draw length at 60lb weight, a 500 grain arrow at 239fps with Black Eagle Deep Impacts and 250 grains up front. I love how quiet my bow is and it shoots great..And I know I should most likely blow thru any thing I shoot at..
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