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Originally Posted by Brazos Hunter View Post
S...M...F...H...! The horse is dead already. Nothing, and I mean nothing will EVER change (for the good that is).

Here is my quick take and rundown of politicians today; to sound more “for the people” the democrat party started calling themselves the democratic party. Fact, there is nothing democratic about them!

Today, in general, the democrat party is now Socialist/Communist and the Republican Party is no more conservative that the Dems of my childhood. Any way you look at it, life in the US has changed and it will never be the same.

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True dat. The Sam Rayburn days are long gone. Sam was from my home town and er body in my family knew Mr Sam personally including me as a small kid who got to shake his hand a few times. If Sam were alive today he **** sure wouldn't be a liberal.
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