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Originally Posted by muzzlebrake View Post
you really know how to hurt a liberal's feelings. Don't you know that truth to a lib is like kryptonite to superman?
Why do yall throw around the word liberal as if it is derogatory?

Liberal / conservative lives on a continuum.
Do you think blacks or women should be able to vote?
Depending upon how you answer that might flip your "conservative" badge if this was 100 years ago.

Do you think blacks should be able to go to the same schools and drink out of the same water fountain as whites?

50 years ago your label might be changed.

Unless you just want to be PC about it.

Again, what we think of as "conservative" today was probably ultra left wing a few decades ago.

When did accepting gay marriage become part of "conservatism"? But yet and still it is working its way in.
States rights I guess.
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