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Originally Posted by texansfan View Post
What is there to like?
I listen for portions that effect my life and prepare myself accordingly.
He said he's going to fix our horrible roads and bridges with an infrastructure program.
Same thing Osama said but houston roads are still in horrible shape.
Well actually Sylvester Turner is trying to fill potholes quicker.

He said a cop adopted a baby.

So trump says he will fix all those roads Obama promised you he would fix, but because Obama DIDNT fix them, your mad at trump...
You wanted him to talk about things that affect your life? Sorry you donít pay taxes, depend on a better economy, or need a job, because those of us that do are seeing results.
Those potholes you whine about? Tell me, who runs Houston?
Trump said a lot of good things. You paid attention to none of them. But Iím happy your happy about that adaption.

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