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Originally Posted by Playa View Post
But he canít really explain how poor white trailertrash figures out how to cook meth or really how uneducated folks have been figuring out how to smuggle anything and everything since the beginning of time.

Govt started meth too.
Anybody can grow weed.
It's a plant.
It's natural.
But making cocaine is a huge process just as cooking meth is.
You need all these special chemicals to make meth.
Dexatrim, cough syrup, Mr bubble bath, etc
Who sits around in their single wide thinking up stuff like that?
Wouldn't it be easier just to grow some weed on a neck acre you got?

And it has nothing to do with color but it has 100% to do with poverty.
These drug epidemics are hitting the lower income areas harder than wealthy areas.

Uneducated folks can smuggle a pound or two of cocaine across a border.
But we are talking METRIC TONS that fill entire container ships or submarines full of drugs being smuggled.
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