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Iíve got a neighbor that asked me why his AC would cool or get cold running down the road. Then when he stopped it would get hot. Guessing due to on phone and not at the truck. Fan no air flow told him holler when you want to look at. About 2 weeks later get a text asking about compressor, clutch etc. AC clutch got hot knocked seal out of compressor. The repair shop wanted 1300.00 to fix. Told him go parts store and get the stuff and fix in drive way. I sent him a pic of compressor, dryer , expansion valve. etc. Parts store cost of 300/400 buck. He said repair shop was telling him he needed compressor, clutch , dryer etc. They told him that clutch came separately. Told him AC gauges, vac pump sitting here. Holler when heís ready. Also found the fan out on the condenser causing the issue to begin with.

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