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Originally Posted by RifleBowPistol View Post
When you say your A/C system was charged, what pressures were you seeing? Then was the compressor coming on at all at that point. If the compressor does not come on, it's hard to tell how full the system is.

The noises you are describing, could be a belt slipping due to multiple different problems, it could also be the compressor clutch slipping, again there are multiple reasons that may not be working correctly. If your compressor clutch is slipping, it will typically produce metal shavings and get very hot. Both the heat and the metal shavings are not good for the front seal of the compressor. It's very typical for a clutch hub to slip, produce metal shavings and then shortly afterwards you have a leaking compressor. But the opposite can happen, I have seen compressors leak, then the oil gets on the clutch hub, causing it to slip and burn up the clutch hub.

So how much pressure did the gauge show you had, then was that with the compressor engauged and spinning or with the compressor off?
I was out looking at the truck when you posted this, to answer your questions You sir are on the exact right path. I am about to post what I found and what was fooling me.
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