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Default 2017 Season Starts Off Bad

I couldn't get to my favorite spot on the family farm due to the rain & flooding, but I have a good spot here at my home place, so that's where I went.

I got in, got settle, and was ready to get it done.

Had a deer (couldn't make it out) come in just before daylight, hang for a few minutes, then leave.

After daylight, and just before sunrise (good legal shooting light), I heard a vehicle coming, and it sounded like they were running 100 mph down the dirt road. They were other hunters who have permission to hunt the property to my south.

Yes they were running late, and instead of going on down to "their" gate, and going onto "their" property, they parked on my road (right in the primary deer run) about 50 yards south of my blind, and hopped the fence to go to their spots.

I stayed until almost 10 a.m., but didn't see anything else, so I got out of my blind to go confront the jackasses.

We had a small altercation, and I don't think they will be repeating the error of their ways again. As a matter of fact, they may never show up anywhere near here again.

Due to the commotion, I have decide to NOT go back to my spot until this evening. Want to give things time to settle down for the animals.

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