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Continuing planting today. 15 acre field with mix of 25lbs/acre soybeans, 25 lbs/acre cow peas, 3 lbs acre sunflowers, 3 lbs/acre pearl millet. I mixed the soybeans and peas at 50/50 to add diversity in this larger field and also because the beans were significantly less expensive. THis will be the mix in several of the largest fields.

I love this time of the year. Cant help getting excited about the plantings and the effect it will have on all wildlife including deer. What fun to watch velvet bucks in the summer legumes and it doesnt hurt that they have started getting huge over the years. Who doesnt like watching giant bucks?

I have left standing small grains scattered around the farm which feeds millions of birds including the buntings which are one of our favorites. Also the deer love the wheat heads once matured.
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