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Originally Posted by DuramaxDude View Post
So on the map where it says no vehicles allowed downstream passed Chicken Creek is that referring to all vehicles or just the off road vehicles from Rosita Meadows?? Where it says 4x4 is recommended at Mullinaw Crossing contradicts the no vehicles down stream of chicken creek message on the map.

I crossed the Canadian last week west of Meredith and it was running as high or higher than I have seen it in 3 years. They say they plan on releasing water from Ute maybe this week. If any guys are planning a trip and crossing the river any time soon you consider that.
I believe the no vehicles downstream passed Chicken Creek is referring to ATV traffic coming from Rosita. There used to be a fence at Chicken Creek that crossed the river but I don't know if it's still there or not. ATV'S aren't allowed east of Chicken Creek. The river crossing at Mullinaw basically gives you access to the roads that the oil and gas companies use on the north side of the river.

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