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I think this year will be our 7th trip to Meredith bowhunting mulies. We drive 500 miles and spend 4-5 days per trip. We've yet to bring home a buck but we did draw blood last year, unfortunately my buddy just knicked him, 52 yd shot. We've also stalked to within bow range of does and yearling mulies. We seem to get closer and closer every year and hopefully this is the year to fill a tag. Meredith is one the most physically demanding place on Earth if you really hunt it hard. We see whitetail mostly in the valley and mulies in the canyons. It seems to change year to year and for the most part day to day, a hot canyon one day, barren the next. The main thing to remember if you're after mulies is they ARE NOT whitetails... It took me a few trips to really understand that. They behave totally different. The key out there is quality optics and really picking the canyons apart... Not the ones half a mile from you, the one your on. They hide in plain sight.
Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely keep in mind to take my time when glassin. I'll be driving around 500 mi. and plan on staying out there 5 days as well, hopefully I'll get a chance.
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