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Default Not your Mama's meatloaf!

Ok here goes! I made this twice so far, gained 10lbs and doubled the number of future bypasses I will need.......

First get a pan foil it and then lay out your bacon.

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Mix together 1lbs ground beef, 1lbs Whataburger breakfast sausage, 1lbs Italian sausage. Chop 1 onion, 1 pack of mushrooms.

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Take half of the meat place it on the bacon and make a "boat"

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I FORGOT THIS PIC! Fill the inside with cheese and jalapeņos I used a combination of cheddar and mozzarella. Then cover with the other half of meat.

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Wrap the bacon around it then place bacon ends side down on a rack. The rack is important because if you do it on a pan or a casserole dish it with be in a grease bath.

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I put on the gas grill with a pan to catch the drippings and added some wood chips to the smoking box.

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After about 30-45 minutes I started to baste it in Franks Red Hot sweet chili

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I cooked it till internal temp of 160, about an hour and thirty minutes on 300-325 degree grill and I let it rest for 10 minutes

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Then bring on the Cardiologist!!!!

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