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Originally Posted by Harvey View Post
Another interesting fact was back in 03-04 we could cross Spring Creek in a truck very near the main lake body, which is now 6 feet deep in water. We had a January of heavy rains back in, I believe, 2005 and the lake rose to a level that was substantially higher than before...5-6 feet probably. Of course, you can still cross Spring Creek up near the ****. But Spring Creek back in those days was truly a special place and had several more miles of "creek character" to it with riffles, runs and plunge pools. One of the coolest spots is about 1/2 mile below the **** at the plunge pool. Lots of fish in there and beautiful. The crossing I speak of was another mile or so downstream and just above another wide ledge which created a water fall. I wish I had taken more pictures back then.'d be fun for Hafernick and I to come up there and spend a day with you at the Buttes. We could cover alot of ground out there and share some of our experiences. Perhaps this spring or summer when the fishing gets good!
I just went up in the Spring Creek area past that old Cattle Guard crossing a few days ago with another visiting TBHer and ya that little creek run into a small waterfall drop into those pools is still there. We even crossed the creek on my buddys 4wheeler into Unit 4. I have a few nice "secret" spots like that in the TBR area that are a blast to camp out and fish during the off season. Come out sometime and we can definitely get the ole camp fire going and run around a bit. I have a nice wakeboarding boat we can run around the lake in too with a few cervesas
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