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Default Krivoboy's Senior Trip "Hunt in North Texas"

Well I was just thinking when I named this title that some of the old timers on here remember when my boy was born 17 years ago. I posted birth pictures on here. Dang time flies. Well Hunter is now a Senior at Georgetown High school. Making strait As, applied to TAM and Texas Tech and TCU. Not sure where he will be going but very proud of the man he has become.

We had originally planned on an Africa Trip after the school year until he heard how long the flight was. So I asked him if he wanted to go where I went Whitetail Hunting last year. He said Heck yeah. He had seen plenty of video of the Curtis River Ranch so he knew what kind of deer wondered this 3000 acre ranch north of Allison Texas. He really liked a big deer I filmed last year on one of my sits. They called the deer Fliers because he had a drop/kicker that cam off side of the beam. HE was not on the list last year but would be this year. So once we committed to hunting up their he asked if I could get some Trail cam pics of this deer. WoW had he grown. Giant. Very wide and webbing mass on both sides.. He was an amazing animal.

We left Georgetown last Thursday around noon. 7 short hours later we hit the ranch gate. Man that stretch before and after Childress is brutal. It was great to see my friends from the previous year. The guys that run this place are just super people. These are the type of Guys I would hang out with even if we were not hunting. There was never a time we were not laughing.

Next morning found Hunter in a Krivoman Blind waiting for daylight. They had several big deer in on corn when light broke. about an hour later Fliers made his appearence. It would be a short one as a bully 150 inch deer walked him 200 yards away across a grass field. Good news is that this deer bounced between 2 feeders and when he was pushed off this feeder he went strait towards the other feeder 1000 yards away along the river.

That evening they climbed into a double ladder stand over looking that feeder he was headed towards.. It was not long until he showed himself. He was in pretty early and put on a show. He went to Protein feeder, corn, protein feeder, corn all without really giving a great shot angle. His guy Matt Kiker was trying to keep him calm. Hunter said his left knee was shaking uncontrollable. Matt made hunter look away from the deer for awhile and said he would let him know when he was in a shooting position. The deer finally worked to 20 yards and broadside. Hunter came to full draw and made a perfect shot. The blood that came out of this deer was unreal. The rage basically drained him of his fluids and deer was dead in about 8 seconds..

Hope you enjoy the video. A special thanks goes out to Matt and Matt. Matt Perry is ranch Foreman and Matt Kiker is the guide. Both are fantastic dudes. Cant wait to do it again.

Oh yeah, Pictures are legendary. We took them Friday night with a storm coming in and then again On Monday after another deer died. That story is for later.


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