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Originally Posted by WItoTX View Post
I was in your shoes about a year ago. We decided option C, which is move near public land, and save the expense of having to maintain land, maintain tractors, pay taxes etc...on it. All the outdoors you can enjoy, for free.

We are in the process of moving somewhere out west. However, in your case, in east Texas, there is tons of public land between SHNF and DCNF.
Public land is nice, but nothing like owning your own. Just driving in the gates gives me a child on christmas day feeling. I'm sure it will wear off eventually and it's not fun writting the checks but it is a piece of dirt with my name on it. When I was a teenager we lived on a big ranch that someone else owned and I had 1,000s of other family friend land to roam on. But it wasn't ours, I always had to worry about what the landowner/boss would say if I made ruts or did something wrong. Same with a lease nowadays. On my land I do as i please and come and go as I please. No restrictions, and best of all if one of these days my girls have families of their own I can maybe take my grandkids out there to teach them the outdoors.

Owning land isn't for everyone and has different meanings for everyone. From where I came from as a kid I never really thought that I would own my own land, it's been a true blessing!

OP with all that said, I would still buy as big as you can afford where you can easily enjoy it. If you don't have children yet take that into consideration because they will def change things financially but especially time wise once they get active.
Good luck!
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