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Originally Posted by Jamesl View Post
From B&B Butchers,
B&B Butchers & Restaurant is proud to be one of nine U.S. members of the Kobe Beef Association in Japan, allowing us to offer authentic, certified A5 Kobe Beef. To provide perspective, only 400 pounds of this highly sought-after meat, widely considered the best beef in the world, is shipped to the U.S. each month to licensed members of this exclusive group.

Sourced from the quiet, isolated Japanese valleys of Hyogo Prefecture near the port town of Kobe City, these tajima-gyu cattle have grazed for generations completely untouched by the outside world. The story of the cattleís pure bloodlines, intense beef certification system and strict classification standards (only 3,900 head of cattle qualify each year) unfolds in the luscious, evenly dispersed shimofuri marbling characteristics. The decadent, speckled marbling, unique to these cattle, lends the exquisitely rich flavor, tenderness and juiciness associated with the melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that is authentic Kobe Beef.
Thatís insane about Kobe beef. I love steak but, I donít think I love it that much.
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