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dont need a GPS. If you have a smart phone save the section of the map that moore plantation is on from google earth to your phone. The GPS on your phone should work without signal. I spent money on a GPS and find that I don't use it much. Nothing beats boots on the ground and clip on trail markers are your best friend. Get the flourescent orange reflective ones from walmart and you can see them clearly at night with a dim flashlight. I find I usually need about 60 of them on hand to get where I need to be and back out again. Once again they are great for finding your "tree" before the sun comes up plus they'll put your mind at ease. There are so many roads through the Moore that a 45 minute walk in any direction will put you back on a public hunt road if it comes to that. Also if you have Verizon everything north of 2426 has cell signal and it's just spotty on the south side.
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