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Originally Posted by topshot View Post
Thanks for the informed reply. Its funny how all who have responded say it takes decades of work, or extreme luck to make 6 fig salaries, working ungodly hours, yet previously in the thread folks were sharing about 250-400k salaries were common for 20-30 something year olds who are out buying all sorts of toys...kinda conflicting information; all i know is i will keep my indoor a/c office desk job @ 40hrs a week thanks, work a little on the side and enjoy life with family.
Those people exist and they fall under both lucky and ungodly hrs but they are not common.

My job is one of those that can do it but it takes lots of experience, luck, and hrs to get there.. Young guys welding can do it also but they put in tons of time to do it. I'm sure there are others as there are always exeptions but just because someone knows a guy like that doesn't mean it's like that for everyone.

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