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Default Pedestal

I want to preface this by saying Iíve never done any type of wood working projects in my life (other than nailing a couple boards together as a kid).
Anyhow, I got the bright idea of building wood pedestals for a couple mounts my wife and I have coming from the taxidermist here soon. My main reason for wanting to build them was pretty man ch the cost... Iím a cheapo when it comes to just about everything and when I can save some money, Iím all for it, and thus, this project came in my head. I learned a TON about what to do and what NOT to do, so hopefully my next one will work out a bit smoother.

I started by building my frame out of 2x2s, and when I was finished I thought this wasnít going to be bad after all. That was my first mistake thinking that...

Then my lack of experience came into play as I was going to cover the outside with 1x6 white pine. Iíd made and drawn up my dimensions based off covering with 1x6 boards, and realized when I went to cover the frame that a 1x6 isnít truly 1x6, itís 1x5 1/2!!!!! [emoji35]
So, I now had 1 1/2Ē gaps to fill on all my corners. I loaded up the pedestal and to the lumber yard I went to see what kind of options I had. After a bit of looking, we finally found some door trim that didnít look to bad on the edges and I went with it.

So all in all, for a rookie carpenter I thought it turned out okay. Still have to sand, stain, and put some habitat on before I stick the mount on it, but will update with finished product and even throw in pics of the next one once I get it going.

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