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Blackmouth, thanks for the current Camp Bullis whitetail survey information. First let me state I am an old fart whose memory isn't as sharp as it you to be. As a bow hunter who has hunted Camp Bullis for the past 29/30 years I recall participating in some of those surveys many years ago. Volunteers were used to participate in the surveys and as I recall they were done on 3 consecutive evenings in August rain or shine. The personnel in the back of the pickup would alert the driver when a deer was spotted and the driver would have to verify Buck or Doe in order to be counted. Oh, the good old days.

I am not questioning the methods nor the data gleaned from these surveys and appreciate all the work that Natural Resources Office (NRO) puts in to allow hunting on Camp Bullis. I do however think there is a big disconnect between NRO and the hunters. The program has become more and more computerized (I Sportsman Program) which has not worked since implemented 5 years ago. I understand that NRO more or less had this program forced upon them.

From my records of Archery Whitetail Harvest at Camp Bullis

2014/15 40 Bucks 24 Does
2015/16 27 Bucks 20 Does
2016/17 27 Bucks 16 Does
2017/18 10 Bucks 29 Does

What I miss most about the Hunting Program is the interaction we used to have between the hunters/staff when game was brought in or talk about the one that was seen or got away. You got to congratulate new hunters on their first deer and so on.

I am thankful for a place to hunt and all those who make it happen. Tom
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