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I have shot two B-14s, one 6.5 and one in .308. Both handled and shot well. The rifles grouped very good with factory ammo at the price point.

I do own a Bergara LRP Elite and you can certainly tell where the cost savings comes from when handling and shooting both. Those same observations apply to the others as well Savage, Ruger etc.

The stock on the lower priced Bergaras feel ok, but you will notice they do not feed as smooth from the mag and the actions are not in the same class. Again, kind of the same drawbacks I have noticed with most in the price range. The trigger was ok but I would give both the savage and the Ruger the nod for trigger in that market.

You cannot go wrong with the B-14 as long as you are not expecting it to be of way better quality than the others in the same price range.

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