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Originally Posted by Tubby View Post
17* with ~15mph north wind (unknown wind chill) and spitting sleet/freezing rain while duck hunting at Cooper lake. Had to use the boat to break 2" of ice to set decoys. Run the boat up on the ice sheet and jump up and down in the boat to get the ice to break. Slide the large chunks of ice under the existing unbroken ice. Standing in mid-thigh water to hunt, had to walk a lap every once in a while in the decoy spread to break ice to give the ducks a place to land. The dog stands were frozen solid against the trees, ice had covered the chain so thick you could barely wrap your hand around it... We had to leave them there until the next weekend. The dogs were completely covered in ice. That thermos of coffee and bottle of Canadian Mist didn't last too long that day! One of the dogs bolted off her dog stand for no reason... She swam straight to the boat, climbed in amongst the camo netting and burlap, got on top of my big dry box and took a dump We didn't realize it until we got back to the boat. Yes, it was frozen to the dry box lol. With the help of a stick, it was removed in one swift strike. When we were finished hunting, had to use the butt stocks of our gun to break the ice from around the boat because it had frozen in place. One of the most memorable duck hunts I've ever been on. We slaughtered the ducks, straight greenheads with greyduck kickers for all 4 of us
That's awesome!
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