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Originally Posted by Skinny View Post
Sense? I donít see Dak or Cooper holding out.

Trust me, I Hope Zeke gets paid. I just think holding out is a sorry move by any player. Not that missing training camp will hurt his performance this year...itís just the principle of it all that bugs me. Heís not making any new fans right now, thatís for sure. Five bucks says he gets booíd this year. [emoji1474]

Added: I hate drama. And Zeke shows to be a drama queen.
Different story for those guys, they know with the positions they play they are gonna get paid its just a matter of time. RB is being devalued, Zeke will never have more leverage then he does now to get paid. I'll take that $5 bet, anyone with any sense can see we will not even get close to a SB without the best player on the team on the field. Bottom line its a business and Zeke is doing what he should be doing on the business side of it. I want him there more then anyone but he's being smart from the business side of it. Pay the BEST PLAYER ON THE TEAM and lets move on
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