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Originally Posted by lungbuster1985 View Post
I feel like you’re going to have a hard time getting that little extra accuracy from an auto loader. You can find someone with a sub MOA ar15, build yours the same, and not get the same accuracy. Under MOA is just getting lucky.

A match grade barrel with a properly head spaced matching bolt would be a good start. But the results still won’t be “guaranteed”.

The 223wylde chamber is supposed to be more accurate. Grendels seem to always perform, even the cheap ones. supposedly puts out some accurate stuff, but I have no personal experience.
This has been my experience too. ARs are not bolt guns. My most accurate semi-auto is a $500 Palmetto State, and that includes AR Precision and LaRue. I know if I got four more PSAs I probably wouldn't get that again, either.

In my opinion if you're seeing MOA from an AR, you're doing well enough. Besides, in the time it takes to get back on target with that level of precision you could have cycled a bolt.
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