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Hunt In: Brazos, Milam, Grimes, Victoria Counties, Public land

After about an hour of constant shaking from adrenaline and the cold misting weather, he finally made his way within 40 yards and closing. I ranged him, 36 yards. I waited and waited and waited for the best angle. I had does to my rear and side and was nervous about getting busted when I drew back. I settled the pin and released! It smacked him hard! He made some sort of growl and ran hard away. I heard crashing. Sounded all good.

I did not find any blood trail. Stumbled upon my arrow. 14" of penetration, good bubbly blood but no pass through and no blood trail, Trypan Tip was bent at the tip. I hit a bone.

Partner shows up, we start looking. For an hour, I did not feel to good about recovering him at night, but was confident I made a lethal shot.

Not lethal enough.

I walked up on him alive and bedded. Doubled backed for my bow, buddy and a better light and stuck him again until he expired. I hate to see any animal suffer, especially bow harvest.

No ground strinkage here!

Chap Tech aged at 5.5yr old. 120lbs dressed.

Score to be determined
Main frame 10 with broken brow.

This year has been epic! 3 Texas Big Game Awards bow kills! One on private low fence and two from public drawn hunts and a 400lb Nilgai cow bow kill. I mean, not to toot my own horn but Toot Toot!

Sucess at the Chap is sweet, even sweeter with a bow.

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