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As to cameras, I think the Whitney ACE rule is you can have one out as long as your hunting. But it is to be removed when the hunt is over. Or something like that. ACE carries bolt cutters and a ladder when they go looking for stands and gear. I've also know they sometimes carry a cutting torch in one of the Mules they drive. And they usually do it on weekdays when the crowd is away. But I have seen them out looking mid-day on the weekends too. Just say-n .

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Hey TG an switchback good to see you guys still hanging in there! I may be out an about this year it’s been a couple of years since I have been down there been keeping a close eye on things from the rail! An yes for you B2-B3 hunters I am one of the guys that allows you to stretch or make a little noise while I’m blowing the crossing there by the river lol hope to see y’all out there and meet some of the new guys an gals!
Clint, hope all is well ! Good to hear from you on here. And when ya cross the Brazos, down there . I always wonder if your drive-n when I hear a train down there in the distance. Those deer pay absolutely no mind to it. I've seen it several times.
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