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I went ahead and closed the list up for the remaining items. So we are all good to go. If you have something you want to bring to cook either for just the team or for the masses, do it!! We have everything we need to pull off a great boil once again!!

The only thing we need to decide is quantity of bugs!! We did 10 sacks last year with minimal left overs. I say we see where the prices are and decide the week before Bownanza. Thoughts?

Crawfish and $$$ for Bugs - wcb, Poco, gpena, Raleigh, BRRDNK, Bowhica

Big cookers and propane -
BrandonA (cooker)
Bloodstick (pot, burner, 1 propane tank)
Bowhican (pots burners propane)
SleepyMedic - Mega cooker

100qt coolers - qty 2 wcb

15 lbs red potatoes- brrdnk

15 lbs corn on cob- Bowhica

10 lbs of onions- canoe1

8 lbs whole garlic - brrdnk

8 lbs mushroom- canoe1

4 large lemon juice bottles- BenBen <------ADJUSTMENT

spice mix- Cajun Blake

prep tables - bloodstick

Drums- (if we get the octagon tables)

tables/4 drums)

water hoses - qty 2 wcb,gpena

EZ Up's- 10x10 & 10x20 wcb

Tee shirts & design - Bowhica

Crawfish party flags - Poco (2) Bowhica

paper Towels- Bowhica

Asparagus- Bowhica

Bowls for bugs - gpena

Smoked sausage - 20 lbs HEB or Kroger beef links are good cheap and tasty.

Edamame beans - 5-6 bags and sacks to cook them in- Bowhica

Heavy Duty Trash Bags- BenBen
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