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Originally Posted by HdFilmmaker View Post
I'd look at an 18mm or even a 14mm lens that is fairly fast like a 1.8f. These will allow you to film "arms length". The other thing to consider is getting away from auto focus/app settings on your cam. Get a manual lens and use the focus assist and then you'll be much happier with the results. The problem with 4k or even 2k is the sharpness that these cameras want. If you don't reach that then your image will suffer.

I just finished filming for a week with a high end show that we used the A7Sii and the gh4. I have to say the GH4 is much much better quality image. HOwever the A7 is much better at low light. But do you really need to film after dusk on a hunting show? If thats the case go buy Thermal. I'd set up lens on one camera for grab and go and then set up the other camera with different len. Also, look into some older Nikon glass, you will find some amazing glass for half the price.

Good stuff!

I shoot manual focus for everything except the first person stuff. I definitely need a wide angle for that, and manual legacy lens is probably a good option. I have a couple of Minolta MD lenses (35/2.8, 50/1.7) that I use on occasion, but of course they don't help with shooting ultra wide.

I considered the GH4 long before I opted for the Sony. From the reviews I've seen, better image quality is debatable, but the GH4 is abhorrent in low light (unusable beyond 6400 ISO). The low light capability, 120fps at 1080, full frame 4K (GH4 is 2.3x crop) when needed, ability to adapt my Canon glass and legacy lenses, and exceptional dynamic range was enough to push me to the Sony platform (although I'm hoping they fix some deficiencies in future iterations.) It was the low light capability that attracted me to the A7s, but it is far from a one trick pony (as would be a Thermal). Much of the camp "scenes" are shot in very low light environments. For my requirements, I think the A7sii, all factors considered, is a superior camera to the GH4 (or even the newly released 5D mkiv).

The key consideration for me (and most of my "audience" here) is that I'm not producing a "high end" hunting show, but rather mostly YouTube and web content in more of a run and gun, self filmed in a "vlog" or documentary style. It's mostly unscripted with a goal of reality and spontaneity over a scripted, overly produced story that is often more staged than developed naturally (and frequently produced more for advertisers than for consumers.)

In Video Journal videos, like the "Hunting Camp" series, taking time to set up would (more often than not) mean missing the moment. That said, I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, and hopefully continuing to improve. I'm no expert, just a student that enjoys the learning labs!

Thanks for your input and feedback!

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