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I'd look at an 18mm or even a 14mm lens that is fairly fast like a 1.8f. These will allow you to film "arms length". The other thing to consider is getting away from auto focus/app settings on your cam. Get a manual lens and use the focus assist and then you'll be much happier with the results. The problem with 4k or even 2k is the sharpness that these cameras want. If you don't reach that then your image will suffer.

I just finished filming for a week with a high end show that we used the A7Sii and the gh4. I have to say the GH4 is much much better quality image. HOwever the A7 is much better at low light. But do you really need to film after dusk on a hunting show? If thats the case go buy Thermal. I'd set up lens on one camera for grab and go and then set up the other camera with different len. Also, look into some older Nikon glass, you will find some amazing glass for half the price.
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