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Other than being very lucky to learn from some of the best, I feel using the same well tuned equipment makes things easier.

Sure that sounds easy enough. Traditional archery is really no different than any other sport, the more you know about it the easier it is to learn well. Keeping your equipment consistent is as important as keeping your form consistent in my opinion.

I have been called a "tuning nerd" understanding tuning and the effects that form has on the shot is important to learn at some point.

I suggest being able to shoot well at 10 yards before trying to shoot 20 yards. Like mentioned above when you practice at 50 yards it can turn a 20 yard shot into a chip shot. The long range shooting takes time and practice but anyone can do it with proper form and practice.

Also, make as many 3D shoots as possible. Making the 3D shoots serve several purposes, fun first and foremost but meeting some of the great shooters we have on this site. Shooting with good shots will bring anyone's shooting up a notch. If it had not been for meeting people at 3D shoots I probably still could not hit my butt with both hands.
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