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I shot what I would consider about average for 20 years. I hit most of what I shot at but then would miss an easy shot now and then. This was before 3-d but we all gathered up and shot a lot and I was no worst or better than any of my friends.

I started playing a game than improved my ability and my success on animals moved up to close to 100%.

It still use it today.

My target has a 6” bulls eye.
I walk up close to it and shoot, close enough I know I’m not going to miss.
I back up 5 or 6 steps and shoot again. If I hit the dot, I back up. I don’t back up unless it is in the dot, close don’t count.
Every time I hit I back up, if I miss I shoot again until I hit the spot or run out of arrows.

I use 8 or 10 arrows.
Sometimes I run out at 30 yards then the next I may be out at 50.

Not only does it make longer shots seem make able it makes 15or 20 a slam dunk
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