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I started shooting long before I knew of any literature or anyone with the proper knowledge to help me. I watched Howard Hill, Ben Pearson, Fred Bear, The Thompson bothers, and a few more on movie shorts. Most of y'all are to young to remember those.
I tried to imitate the way they drew, anchored and shot. Not knowing what they were actually doing or how they were doing it. That said, my way of shooting is unorthodox to say the least.
Even though I cant my bow much more than most (from watching the indians in the old west movies) and somewhat snap shoot I've had very good success in target shooting and hunting. I found that practice and repetition worked for me. If you do the same thing the same way consistently you will be consistent. At least it worked for me.

I know this will sound like I'm blowing my own horn and I don't mean too. I just would like to give an example of being consistent in what ever manner you use. I've taken 1'st place and always in the top 5% in several field archery tournaments. When 2D shoots started, I won several and was usually in the top 3. I did very well when 3D shoots came along for several years. I always did extremely well with the moving targets. My most memorable was coming in 11th place out of over 200 shooters with an Indian style self bow in the open class at the State Longbow Championship. There was not a self bow class at that time.

Age and health have taken their toll. I can't handle shooting the 3D shoots anymore but my accuracy on critters is hanging in there.

I guess I've said all that just to say, do the same thing the same way every time and you will usually get the same results. Good hits on the targets and animals you shoot at.

Practice, practice practice. And luck don't hurt either.
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