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Default Ok, I skimmed thru the articles that you reference

Originally Posted by J Sweet View Post
If you were intelligent enough to open the link you would see that there are citations for all cases. Its all third party; not NORML publications. What was that about intelligence again? Think real hard this time; I know it hurts but give it a shot The irony lol.

Seriously, Ill wait for you to go take a look and come back and you can tell us all about how "intelligent" you are. LMAO.

Your example only proves to me intelligence is genetic, hence your family members. LOL
All the sources support legalization of mj. THAT is why I said your example sucks. Pick a topic and any of us can find positive internet articles for that topic. Where are the unbiased articles in NORML publications? There are none listed because THEY would undermine NORMLs reason for existing.

Same with the two scumbag organizations that I listed in my sarcastic example. Planned Parenthood and NAMBLA exist to further their goals. Neither of which I support. I understand that you want weed to be legal. I feel differently due to my own observations over the past 63 years. When did I insult your intelligence? When did I disparage your family members? Do you feel more superior after insulting my family?

Itís OK because I know you are passionate about the issue. And you are behind a keyboard in North America and I am in South America for 3 more weeks. But letís both keep this dialogue civil, OK? Carry on.
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