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Originally Posted by Tejas Wildlife View Post
Marijuana “Fact Sheet” published by NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws)!! Of course it is scientific and unbiased. Just like:

“Abortion: It is your RIGHT!” published by Planned Parenthood

Or perhaps:

“Having a child lover” published by NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association”

Your STELLAR example of why mj should be legalized SUCKS. I have at least a dozen family members and close friends that smoke it regularly. All of them have a broken “give-a-shi&&er”. I have never met a truly intelligent person that smokes it regularly. You have your examples and I have mine.
If you were intelligent enough to open the link you would see that there are citations for all cases. Its all third party; not NORML publications. What was that about intelligence again? Think real hard this time; I know it hurts but give it a shot The irony lol.

Seriously, Ill wait for you to go take a look and come back and you can tell us all about how "intelligent" you are. LMAO.

Your example only proves to me intelligence is genetic, hence your family members. LOL

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