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Originally Posted by Smart View Post
Sonic isn't one of my favorites food wise but it's not too bad. Their drinks and other items in a cup are tops of all fast food places though and the wife loves their sonic ice. We buy it by the bag now and she uses it at home. She used to order 4 route 44 cups of ice every Friday for a whole $1.50 but she is in heaven with 8-10 lbs for $3.99..

I put their breakfast bacon toaster sandwich in the top three for fast food breakfast sandwiches behind the #1 Whataburger jalapeno cheddar biscuit W/Sa/Egg/Ch and tied for second with the McDonalds Bacon McGriddle .. Other than that...if the wife insists on eating there, I'd be in for a couple of corn dogs.

Back when I was in college Sonic used to sell a deep fried burrito covered in chili, cheese and onions and that was my favorite. Been a long, long time since I have seen that gut burner there.
Had those deep fried burritos in the HS cafeteria. I loved those things!

Only thing I get from Sonic is the foot long chili cheese coney and onion rings.
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