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Originally Posted by Greenheadless View Post
I am at a loss here. I have been using 1/4 plywood (not OSB, not Luan) on my deer stands and they have not bee lasting a year. The plywood is cut to fit the tube steel frame, primed and painted well to make sure the plywood is sealed with semi-gloss exterior paint (special notice to make sure ends are sealed as well). It is screwed to the stand with a dollop of silicon on each screw and they each seam is sealed with more silicon.

Within about 8-12 months each time, the plywood start sprouting a fungus and it rots out shortly afterwards. This has happened with two stands not over a period of a couple of years. The ends are still in good condition, the mold substance sprouts all over the sheet of plywood and grows they the paint finish.

I am hunting in SE Texas, so the environment is VERY humid most of the time.

Anyone having this same issue or have any suggestions?

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