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Some places deer hammer brassicas, some places they don't. Depends on food sources and what they are used to. Usually I plant mine a little later so that they aren't so stemmy and rank during season. Freezing increases the sugar content as well, which they will need later as it gets cold. Right now there is so much green out there, so much to eat they can do whatever they want. Later after it freezes options get lots fewer.

For the summer stress period something I have had really good luck with is chicory. Seems like it will grow and grow in the spring, nothing touching it. Then sometime around middle of July when most other things are getting tough and stemmy, and peak nutrition is gone out of them, the deer start to just flat hammer the chicory. Deer are like that though. They shift their preferred browsing items on a weekly, and sometimes daily schedule, based on peak palatability and nutrients.

Cold front this week really changed the feel of things. That was the first hard norther of the year. With temps in the 40's and 50's, and a 20+ mph wind on Mon-Tues, it was pretty dang nippy out. It sure felt good though. Made me really start thinking about deer season.
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