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Been shooting a Bowtech 82nd Airborne for several years and have enjoyed it. I was walking by the trailer at TTHA for gearhead, and decided to stop and take a look....i was intrigued by their design and then i decided to shoot one. I was so impressed i decided to order one.

There were 2 brothers in front of me waiting to shoot one, they were both talking about how they just bought Halons....after they shot the Gearhead they both decided to buy one and sell their Halons....True Story. The guy that invested in the company started laughing when they said they would take 2 of them....

I haven't been excited about buying a new bow but after shooting this one (T20, 60lbs) i got excited.
I think once they pick up a some dealers in Texas they will catch on. One of the Engineers and one of the guys that financed the company were answering questions, they had a good story and from what i could tell a very interesting product and design.
The reason i decided to buy was after the arrow was released, it was like I hadn't shot it, I'm not sure what the bow term would be but (recoil) is the only word that comes to mind.
Last but not least i shot the Aluminum and Carbon didn't really feel any difference for the cost and only losing about 8 oz's in weight. For some reason there isn't much about them on Youtube, but the guys in Hawaii really like them and that one video of him crushing the target at 75 yds, looked pretty convincing to me about accuracy.
Hopefully i am making a wise investment on a Bow since I haven't bought one in a long time, except for my recurves!
I shoot at my home and behind my office, if you want to try it, come by the office.
And no I'm not in the Bow business, I'm in the money point being is this not a commercial, but i do think they deserve a fair shake on something that is a little bit revolutionary and got the attention of a typical skeptic.
If you get a chance to shoot one, you should try it.
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