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Originally Posted by Felix40 View Post
I pretty much only hunt out of a lock on stand. I think for two people you're going to be best off with two lightweight lock ons and sharing rapid rails. Typically I will hang my stand on my first sit and leave it until Im done hunting that weekend or whatever. I can hang it almost as fast as a climber but I can put it on almost any tree without doing much trimming. You need to have cover around you so I HATE trimming all the limbs off my tree to use a climber.

For the ladder portion I highly recommend 3 rapid rails. With 3 sections you can get up to 25 feet of you are moderately athletic. They go up super fast and break down to a very managable size. Plus you can use one section to hang your camera and get it 12 feet off the ground where the chance of it getting stolen is very low.

All in you should be around 20 lbs for a single stand. Add 10 pounds for a second one if you share a ladder.

I don't see any way possible that a person could get a two person ladder into most of the places I hunt. That's coming from someone who has carried a one person ladder over a mile before I switched to lock ons. A ranger was even ready to give me a ticket because he was convinced I had to have ridden an atv in to haul the stand in. It was just my bad luck because the spot was fairly well know to be good and he WAS riding an atv in to hunt it.

Thanks for the tips.

We scouted over a couple miles yesterday on trails looking for paths in. Its a workout and carrying a stand, sticks, or a ladder is going to be tuff.

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