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Originally Posted by Saintgunner74 View Post
right shoulder should have been exit. I literally think I punched both front shoulders. I was trying to rip it the front of the left shoulder and should have come out just behind the right shoulder, she spooked not sure what she saw. But she tried to turn and it looked like arrow went straight through both shoulders. I honestly thought she went down about 80yds out and I could see her just standing there and acting sick, then she took off walking. as she turned I swore I saw broadhead sticking out and felt it was a bit high. But should be in left shoulder out the right. no buzzards went this morning listening for coyotes, nada, literally followed her tracks from point of shot for about 250yds in the mud. Never found blood. I think I might have gone way forward and if so may have missed all things super vital.

Not real happy with myself.

Prod if you go to the area I am in, and go 1.4 miles around you will be within 300yds of the exact spot I was in. I have multiple friends heading down this next week so I am not gonna give up much info. Besides the place is overrun with game. I have seen two bulls and five cows since I got here wed. last bull was standing in area two in the lil strip of brush all the way down in the corner by one as far as the refuge goes, he was trying to hide at about 1pm today.

I google earthed some spots, find a dung pile that is close to trail you can't miss their trails. set up there as far back in the shadows as you can get and don't move. I have never seen animals as skittish as them. draw early and hold it, I drew when she was over 90yds out and just waited for her to come stand by the yucca that I knew was 27yards. I still hunted yesterday in the wind and saw a ton of nice deer and all manner of hogs, but I leave the motel at 4:45 and I don't get back until around 7 or 8. Pack a lunch and spend the day in their. that is about the only advice I can give. first time here.
They are tough as heck man. Few years back there was a cow running around with a couple of arrows sticking out her.

I shot a cow that ended being pregnant at our lease one year. Got a great double lung shot with a 30-06 and she still managed to make a 100 yard dash into the brush.
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