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Originally Posted by rbertman View Post
i hope if they make tbr a hunting area like state park i hope they do a better job of running the hunts out there or u want be hunting but 1 month out of the season and it will be split up in 2 months in 2 different hunts and they will want to turn it into there private ranch and recreation area for biking and horse backing oh and a little hiking so watch what u wish for out there all for safety and getting rid of rif raf but they can take it to extremes
Lets not go getting crazy with stuff like that........they are ONLY trying to pattern the HUNTING regs for OUR SAFETY after the state park SYSTEMs regs. There isnt going to be closures for draw hunts etc. or anything of that nature.

I was messaged just yesterday as the Lake Division supervisor for SAPD was going before City Council to propose the reworking of an already existing ordinance on what firearms are allowed at TBR. It already states Bow and shotgun only but because it doesnt state NO high powered rifles pistols etc. some idiots seem to take that as "well it doesnt say ya cant"? mentality. Common sense should prevail on this issue already but because some people will push envelope on what most would understand without question we have to waste city time money and manpower to write and enforce more and stricter ordinances because they want to bend the rules and endanger others.

This is also the reason we will now have MANY new changes and rules thanks to those that think our local lands are their personal shooting gallery and garbage dump.

I for one am extremely grateful to those guys that are there to protect what is ours, SAPD and the GW's alike, to make the place much more enjoyable for lawabiding citizens that wish to enjoy the public lands near our homes with our friends and family without having to worry about run ins with scumbags and/getting shot by irresponsible clowns on 4 wheelers and shotguns running down deer like crazed maniacs.
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