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Originally Posted by Toddcaster View Post
thanks for the info. I have a few days off week after next and was thinking about going out there but I may just have to find something else.
Its been primarily in Unit 2 (ya I know...the same one I always warn folks about) and I found out that the guys involved are now camping in Unit 3 and are STILL road hunting. 2 trucks and a RED 4 wheeler. They are from Alabama and Abilene. These people are morons...BE CAREFUL.

Originally Posted by TXHORNZ View Post
Was one of these incidents Tuesday evening? My hunting buddy is still hunting unit1. As I am attempting to unit 4 this year. Anyways, he called me and mentioned some strange vehicles along with the SAPD on the non-hunting side of Motl ****. He was real surprised that none of the SAPD stopped to visit with him. He did mention seeing the emergency lights on before he got to the area they were in.

Are you not hunting way back in unit 4? Glad you are ok.
There was 2 more shooting incidents in Unit 2 yesterday!

Well in all the commotion the other night I forgot my decoy abd had to go back to get it, so I figured "lightning dont strike twice right?" WRONG!.....well it at least wasnt me being shot at this time. I was visiting with the SAPD Lake Division supervisor (hes an avid hunter and professional guide) when he got a call about high power rifle shots coming from our area? seconds later 2 hunters came up in a truck saying they had a very close call in Garner Dam area out back with 2 guys and a female shooting pistols, rifles, and shotguns just randomly into the woods......right where they were sitting in a brush blind! Here's the kicker......these are the same people the cop just gave a break for shooting at the same boat ramp we were presently sitting at! So these geniuous' were cited.

45mins after this incident after cops left my area we had 2 vehicles come flting down the main road, pull up to boat ramp parking, unload 2 clips of semi auto and then get back in their trucks then head back down same road towards South Pool, pulled over just passed where I was sitting in my popup blind dump "something" in the bushes and then hauled it outta there? Now the chase is on agin and cops are swarming all over Unit 2 looking for this group as well.

The new SAPD Lake Division is EXTREMELY serious about cleaning this crud up out there guys, give it time and things will be really nice out here. The are very serious about cleaning out the riff raff.

SAPD is meeting with city hall right now discussing the new outlook and rules to be enforced at TBR. I promise ya that there is ALOT of changes coming. Look for it to be much like the state parks very soon.
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