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So due to a swamped schedule I postponed putting this event on at Moore Plantation this winter/Spring. We will shoot for a date in the not so distant future to host it in an effort to help turkey and deer populations.

That said, we are doing our annual trapping and outdoor education at the Gus Engling WMA. Don and Kieth are still coming out to set traps on this Sunday and we will go out to check them on Monday morning. They will also be doing a beaver, coyote and feral hog snaring show for local landowner who are starting a co-op for a turkey release in the Anderson/Cherokee county area.

You guys are welcome to come out and participate in the trapping segment of the event.
The on Tuesday we will cover the wild turkey and habitat management segments. Lots of info, demonstrations, tours and even calling in real turkeys in the area for a photo/video contest.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you more info. Here is the link to the flyer on our facebook page..

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